Qopi v2.1.0 – WhatsApp and Short Link Generator


wapkuy-Qopi is a script to create a ‘WhatsApp Click to Chat’ link generator, besides with this script you can also shorten the URL. Qopi is based on the popular PHP framework Laravel with version 5.5. So, the script is essentially to create a ‘WhatsApp Click to Chat’ link generator and shorten the URL.


  • Laravel 5.5.8
  • WhatsApp preview
  • No need installation, just setup a few minutes
  • Send the generated link to the email (SMTP needed)
  • AJAX form
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Modern design
  • Fully responsive
  • Ads space
  • Available option to set email is required or not
  • Available option to set ads are required or not
  • 3 types of links are generated which are link text, QR code and HTML hyperlink
  • QR Code
  • Admin Panel
    • Responsive admin panel
    • Quick stats on the dashboard
    • User Admin management
    • Link managemenet
    • Pages system
    • Statistics with chart
    • AJAX datatables on each table
    • Export to Excel and CSV
    • Settings page
    • Editable route admin page
  • more …

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