Today the most interesting and popular device of communication is mobile phone. It was costly when the mobile companies first launched it. But as the number of mobile companies started to increase, the price of the phones began decreasing. And now after a long period of its invention, mobile phones are available in a large number. A huge number of teenagers or the working people or the house wives are using the mobile phones. The advantage of the mobile phones is that you can call as well as send messages by it. In fact SMS comes next to phone call now-a- days. It is a very easy process to connect with someone. Because of this SMS has become the means of marketing.
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With the growth of technology various new aspects like internet, music, videos or games are attached to the mobile phones. But the popularity of SMS has remained the same. It is because of this that sending SMS is a very easy process. You have to just write and click on the sending option. As mobile is used by a large number of people, marketing is very easy through SMS. There are certain reasons behind this.

At first it is a spam free communication service. The problems that you face with email do not happen in this service. At one time the same SMS can be sent to a large number of people. It is possible within a few minutes. The mobile phones are endowed with the option of forwarding the SMS by a single click. You have to only select the numbers that you are supposed to deal with.
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One of the major demerits of email is that it is sometimes arrested with junk mail. So there is the risk of deleting of the message from your id. But in the case of SMS marketing you can simply store up the messages in SMSC server. You can use these every time you wish.

Again you need not to face any hazard even if the mobile phone is switched off. The person concerned can receive the message the moment he or she switches the mobile on.
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SMS marketing is preferable also for another reason. Suppose it is you to whom the details of any product will be provided. If you are busy with any work and the workers of the companies are calling you for advertising, you will surely feel irritated. Even if you are interested in buying that you will fell disgusted to talk to the salesman. But if the companies send you SMS you can read it at the free time. You will be in a relaxed mood and also interested in the details.
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SMS marketing is the cheapest way of marketing. Moreover it gives you instant service. The customer receives the message within a few seconds of its delivery. You can be sure about the delivery because in this service problems are not so often created. You can convey everything about the product in 160 words because one SMS contains 160 words in it.

Using mobile phone technology, SMS and voice calls are commonly use in doing communications. Common users for mobile phones, land line phones prefer to communicate using voice calls for two way communications and teleconferencing. There are also situations where short-message-service (SMS) is utilized instead of a voice call.

SMS usage is dominantly useful if you are targeting massive recipients for your information drives. Sending SMS manually is very tiresome if you are targeting hundreds or thousands of recipients. With the aid of computer and necessary gadgets, sending of text message will become automated and can be easily programmed in the computer to do an auto pilot task.

MTN bulk SMSIn the Internet, there are several commercially available SMS packages and devices that will remarkably adopt your needs. Some I have known are packages that require annual licensing, subscription fees and a minimum order of prepaid SMS. There are also SMS packages that require you to register in their SMS server and will charge you based on the number of SMS you have transmitted.
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If you are a heavy SMS user, it is very costly in your side if you are sending thousands of text messages per day. SMS services packages specified above is not your smart option.

In order for you to be freed from subscription fees and avoid the charge per SMS transmitted usage, I suggest that you purchase the SMS blaster device itself. One of the best massive text messaging gadgets I found in the internet is a product named "Mobile SMS Blaster" from Gellangarin Computers.

SMS marketing is a highly evolved and result producing advertising method. Lots and lots of companies are making use of short message service to promote their products and services in an effective way. The benefits of this advanced marketing tool are really worth the money being spent on it. The following are some of the main advantages of SMS marketing.
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1. Everyone carries their mobile wherever they go and involuntarily read any new incoming message. So your ad message will be immediately viewed and so SMS marketing is particularly useful for time-sensitive marketing campaigns.

2. Most SMS get read immediately unlike emails, so there is greater chance of your ad message being read.

3. And hence SMS marketing has higher response rate than other marketing strategies

4. Bulk SMS software comes at a very low price making this process highly cost effective.
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5. The main advantage of this type of promotion is that it is very flexible.

Uses of SMS marketing

1. It helps a company to stay in touch with the customers through bulk SMS service and increases its customer loyalty.

2. Sending bulk SMS on new offers and discounts to the existing customer database can result in repeat sales.

3. When you launch a new product, service or campaign, it is very easy to get customer feedback by sending bulk SMS.

4. Some companies successfully use SMS marketing as a money raising tool by running some competition via SMS.
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5. It is also very useful in attracting new customers.

SMS marketing services
Bulk SMS has gained tremendous importance in SMS marketing arena in recent years. Many companies are in search of an effective bulk SMS software to send in promotional messages to their target recipients. However, it is quite difficult for business owners to find reliable service providers who can offer them a collection of up-to-date and cost effective SMS marketing tools. Usually, bulk SMS software allows you to send bulk SMS directly from your excel database stored in your computer to the receiver's mobile phone. Choosing a reliable service provider can help you to get a detailed and self explanatory demo of the entire process in order to understand the various aspects of this advertising tool. Also they are capable of providing detailed information on various tariff plans available. Through a single click you can deliver thousands of SMS to various recipients.
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It is a reliable and affordable way to send your ad message through SMS to your customers, prospects or any other intended receiver. Services offered by reliable service providers are devoid of any hidden costs and the message can be delivered fast across all networks throughout the country.
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