2 Things You Must Know About BULK SMS



Bulk SMS Gateway, being INDIA's best bulk SMS service provider, offers always-available and responsive support for customers.


Easy Integration with your business system With our easy to integrate API’s you can add messaging and voice capability to your existing application in no time.


We promise you'll get peace of mind with our superior BULK SMS and Voice Solutions.Our technologies can handle all your business needs.


Corporate SMS services by Bulk SMS Gateway let you convey urgent notices, important reminders, latest offers, new regulations or any such message to your clients without any delays.

High Speed SMS

Send SMS via Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) protocol to ensure instant delivery and high throughput.

Direct Connectivity

With direct secure connections to mobile network operators, our carrier grade SMS gateway provides guaranteed delivery of your SMS.

Instant Delivery

100% all network delivery within 10 secs with sending report. MNP (Ported Number) Delivery also supported by our Gateway.


Our system is capable of delivering both SMS and Voice OTP for your mission critical transactions.

Drive Growth with Bulk SMS

With 91% of adults keeping their mobile phone within arms-reach day and night, there’s no doubt we live in a mobile world.

Mass SMS is the smart, direct and immediate solution for businesses looking to drive engagement, revenue and growth. Our Bulk SMS service lets you craft and send targeted texts to tens, hundreds, thousands or even millions of customers with maximum precision and minimal effort.

Choose a 98% Open Rate

Bulk SMS services allow you reach out to your customers quickly, efficiently and with a near 100% open rate. That’s more than 10 times what you might expect from your email efforts.

SMSGlobal is proud to be the most advanced bulk SMS provider in the market today. We make it possible for your business to forget about expensive, outdated marketing channels and leverage the platform used by over 85% of the global population.

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