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wapkuy, Sky Voltre is a blogger template that is designed for mobile first or prioritizes mobile display, but that does not mean ignoring the desktop display. It's just that the trend of internet users is currently slowly shifting from desktop to mobile, this is evidenced by mobile user statistics that are increasing every year. The appearance is made modern and elegant in terms of features or template layout, besides this template is made more user friendly, the layout of each element is arranged neatly and does not interfere with the convenience of visitors to the blog.


  • Full Responsive
  • The Schema Markup and Valid Google Testing Tool
  • Template have added a markup schema to help search engines understand the structure of the blog and have passed the Google structured data testing tool which means more value on SEO blogs
  • Ads Optimoze
  • template has provided adsense ad slots at the top, middle and bottom of the article including slots for ad matched content
  • Interactive Search Form
  • Header Slide Menu
  • Breadcrumbs (sudah terindex google)
  • Related Post
  • Position in the middle and bottom of the article, below the article can be changed with Matched Content Ads easily
  • Numbered Blog Navigation
  • Lazy Yotube Video (Responsive)
  • Custom Error Page
  • Share Button
  • Easy to customize, change or add another share button
  • Back to Top Button
  • Blogger Comment v2
  • Can be easily converted into disqus comments.
  • Other features will be added according to the input and requests of users of this template
  • More...
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