[wapkuy] Profile Page Responsive Blogger Template


wapkuy, Profile Page in awesome, which has a very modern look and adopts the look of material design. This theme is suitable for blogs with topics or other business topics. The theme also has a highly responsive design so the layout looks good in screen size, thereby impacting the accessibility of great content. Not only that this theme has a very fast loading and the exact right to have a fairly high SEO value. 

Features :

  • Responsive layout
  • SEO Friendly
  • Advanced publishing options
  • Page export
  • SEO optimization
  • In-page linking
  • Popup builder
  • Workflow management
  • Move pages
  • Share projects & pages
  • Collaboration
  • HTML element builder
  • Custom CSS & JS
  • External scripts
  • Video backgrounds
  • CSS gradients
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