[wapkuy] Banti Pro Responsive Blogger Template


wapkuy, Banti Blogger Template with great features like rich colour combination, user friendly, fast-loading. Template is perfect for modern blogger news, newspaper, magazine, blog, video and publishing Blogger Theme Sites. This theme is fully responsive, fits any size of display from lower to higher resolutions and supports all modern browsers. Template is SEO-ready and provides a great platform to achieve super high search engine rankings for your website.


  • Responsive
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Fast Loading
  • UI Simple, Fresh and Clean
  • Slider Post
  • Back To Top Button
  • Popular Post Widget
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Baca Juga
  • Related Posts With Thumbnail
  • Search Box
  • Include Lazy load
  • Sticky Share Social Media
  • Google Validator Good
  • SEO Good
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