[wapkuy] Tourism and Travel Blogger Template


wapkuy, The Tourism and Travel Blogger Template is a theme blogger clean and simple, primarily focused on travel blogs and lifestyle. This is an elegant and professionally designed blogspot theme, based on the newest blogger data layout and structure ,so you can control and customize most features directly from your dashboard without editing a single line of code. It has a beautiful grid designed and shows posts as main objects, so you can highlight your blog posts with a few amazing clicks. This model was created mainly for Tourism and travel blogs, but also, the most suitable for niche blogs, authority sites, gastronomy, movies, critics, technology blog, news, magazines, personal blog, portal, newspaper etc.

Features :

  • Seo Ready
  • Ads Ready
  • Magazine
  • Responsive
  • Fast loading
  • Browser compatibility
  • Drop-down menu
  • Adapted from WordPress
  • 3-column footer
  • 1 Right sidebar
  • Ready for social Bookmark
  • Post thumbnails
  • Page navigation menu,
  • etc
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