Trending List Of Tech Startup Ideas 2020

The rapid development of technology has opened thousands of new industries and millions of new jobs. For entrepreneurs around the world, this is a time in history where ideas for the start of technology can come true.

Trending List Of Tech Startup Ideas 2020

If you are considering starting your own business, there are several technology startup ideas that you can use to start your own business.

    1. Application developer

    As an application developer, you can choose to work on your own project, develop commercial applications, or both. There are several resources available to help you get a feel for your application and even find people who want to invest in the growth of your application development service.

    2. Technology consultant

    Technology will improve and innovate small businesses by reusing new technologies.

    If you are a technical expert, you can become a technical advisor.

    Your job will be to keep your customers up to date with the latest technologies and explain the benefits of using specific technologies for your business.

    3. Technological reform

    Usually, the ability to repair a single computer was enough for an ambitious entrepreneur to start a successful business. Today, with many devices, there are a number of other options for repair services, including tablets, smartphones, and portable technologies.

    4. Social networks

    If you're looking for tech startup ideas that you can get started with now, then the social media manager is definitely one. Small businesses need to constantly interact with social media platforms in order for these platforms to generate more revenue.

    If you are a social media expert this could be very profitable. You don't have to be an expert on all platforms. You may have tried this on Pinterest or Facebook ads. There is a great demand for social media leaders and you can charge very fair rates for their services.

    5. Website development

    In the early days of website development, companies expected them to create websites and maintain their customers. But today, many companies pay for a basic website that they can easily maintain and update. With a wide range of website building platforms that you can use to develop professional looking websites, you can become a leading website developer for a living.

    6. Affiliate Marketing

    If you have an online business that has stayed the same over the years, then Affiliate Marketing. With commission marketing, you can build relationships with product manufacturers or distributors to sell your products through their websites. When someone buys a product on one of your sites, they get a commission.

    7. Marketing data provider

    The term big data is used to describe a set of data that marketing companies use to sell more products to their customers. Since marketing companies don't collect data on their own, this leaves a new field for people who want to track website traffic and get the information they're looking for.

    8. Software development

    Custom business software has become a multi-billion dollar industry, and tech companies can be perfect for creative people who love to come up with new ideas. You must have the proper educational background to start a business, but there is a huge market that can be explored once your skills are available.

    Trending List Of Tech Startup Ideas 2020

    9. Life coach on the internet

    You can get an infinite amount of technical business ideas simply by offering personalized online services. For example, you can become a savior on the Internet and provide guidance to clients around the world.

    10. Advanced web development
    The increase in the number of web developers with the most basic skills on the market means that website designers with years of experience and advanced skills may end up charging depending on the quality of services. If you have a background in web design and understand advanced programming, then you must stand out from the rest when starting a sophisticated web development business.

    17. Voice services

    Technology has reached a point where anyone can buy the parts necessary to create a professional home studio. Even if you don't play musical instruments, you can still use this studio to earn a living as a sound artist. There are many websites, including, that you can use to sell your services.

    18. Development of the hospitality platform.

    The Hospitality Platform is a program that helps hotels or other hospitality companies attract visitors and increase revenue. For example, you could develop a platform that would allow boutique resorts to offer online packages to vacationers. There are several options available to the developer of the hospitality platform.

    19. SEO Consulting

    SEO has been greatly expanded due to the availability of more comprehensive internet marketing software.

    As an SEO consultant, you will analyze customer websites and make recommendations on how to improve your site on search engine results pages.

    You can also create a digital marketing company that implements these recommendations and helps customers increase their revenue. The key is to specialize in some way.

    SEO services are competitive, but if you target a specific audience, there are still plenty of options.

    For example, you may be able to provide local SEO services to companies where your clients are in a particular domain.

    20. Distribution of electronic books.

    Technology enabled people to carry complete libraries of their books with them on integrated reading devices.

    Printed books continue to sell well, but e-books are now in their own making. You can choose to publish e-books by well-known authors, or you can enhance your presentations by providing an anonymous authors portal for your e-books.

    21. Corporate outsourcing services

    Thanks to Cloud VoIP technology, you can buy thousands of active phone lines at a low price. With these phone lines, you can become an outside company for customer service, sales, or demand. Businesses will hire you to take over your call center services, and you can remotely employ as many service providers as you want, thanks to the VoIP cloud system.

    Trending List Of Tech Startup Ideas 2020

    22. Independent Sales Representative

    The independent salesperson profession has grown into a highly profitable high-tech profession.

    An independent sales representative contacts manufacturers directly to obtain permission to sell the manufacturer's products.

    The practice of independent sales representatives has been to sell most of their lives on the go. But with the help of the Internet and the high-tech tools available, you can become a successful independent home sales representative.

    23. Business advisor

    Technological developments have already facilitated the creation and success of a business consulting company. Thanks to modern tools that allow you to access information from anywhere in the world, you can stay in touch with your customers anytime, anywhere.

    24. Personal Trainer Specialist

    Many people love to go to the gym and meet their personal trainer. But there are those who prefer this personal trainer in the living room. Using advanced technology, you can be a personal trainer remotely and have clients anywhere in the world.

    25- Influential social networks

    In recent years, it was believed that starting a successful business as a social media influencer has a chance of disappearing. It turned out that the opportunity only turned out so much that it opened up to more people.

    The social media influencer has a large online audience that can influence people to buy products or services.

    New technology allows you to be visible on multiple social media platforms at the same time, and this gives you an opportunity to be influential with a high salary.

    26. Business Language Translator

    Despite technological advances, companies realize that translation software is not reliable. Instead, companies employ independent contractors who speak different languages ​​to accurately translate documents.

    27. Drone services

    When drones became popular, companies believed they only had to do it to use a single drone. Well, there are many things that can be easily shot into the air.

    You will also need it urgently for photography or video filming. If you have these capabilities, aerial photography is required.

    You should explore the local area to know the requirements to provide commercial services.

    28. Smart home contract

    A technically equipped smart home makes life easier for the home owner. There are lights that turn the lights on and off, provide every part of the house, and turn off the chimney of everyone. The demand for smart homes is increasing rapidly and you can take advantage of this by starting the smart home contract business.

    Trending List Of Tech Startup Ideas 2020

    29. Default mailboxes

    The default mailbox is a mailbox that contains a physical address where you or your company can receive real email. Rather than having to deal with your mail, it sends you a digital scan that you can easily save. Then you can recycle the mail. As local businesses grow, many people will need a physical address other than their home address. This growing demand provides a great opportunity for this technology-based business.

    30- Training BasicTtechnology

    Advanced technology allows you to develop training courses for any type of situation. With more and more technology entering the market, more and more people do not know how to use and benefit from technology. Your high-tech business can be an educational company that shows people the basics of making the most of electronic devices.

    31- Cloud services

    The only undeniable technical need that continues to grow is the need for cloud computing services. Every time a new product streaming service is introduced, you need a cloud provider to make it work. Starting a cloud provider can be difficult and expensive. But then there will be a market that needs it urgently and has great growth potential in its first year.

    32- Records

    Most people are unaware of the vast amount of information that has not yet been transferred to digital media and is available online. Libraries, businesses, and governments need institutions that can convert paper letters to digital files and then create a way to store those files in an accessible and active archive.

    33. Tech Youtube Channel

    This is a common theme on YouTube. You can teach technology topics or make products. There is a wide range of technology topics.

     If you want to start your own business, constant technological development constantly opens opportunities for proactive entrepreneurs to advance and make a difference in the business world.

    Trending List Of Tech Startup Ideas 2020

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