Innovative Business Ideas That Will Change The Universe

Innovative Business Ideas That Will Change The Universe

Technological developments and changes in consumer behavior, driven by the widespread adoption of attitudes and behaviors across different cloud platforms, remain at the center of the pioneering drive. Here are 10 technology business ideas mentioned by the World Economic Forum and you are committed to changing the world. Get inspired to start your own creative work:

    1. Hydrogen powered cars

    Hydrogen vehicles have a number of advantages over current models, in addition to gasoline, ethanol, diesel or electricity. Fuel cells generate electricity using hydrogen or natural gas, and energy is stored in batteries, allowing greater independence. Also, the filled hydrogen gas cell should last about three minutes. Finally, the use of this fuel cell does not produce carbon monoxide but water vapor, which helps to reduce pollution. Unfortunately, there are still two obstacles: large-scale production and the distribution of cheap hydrogen to the population.

    2. Robots

    Technology has also been in the collective imagination for a long time and has undergone development that has allowed it not to be confined to factories. Robots are closely related to each other and take advantage of cloud computing for remote access and information processing, rather than being fully programmed to perform a task on their own.

    3. Thermoplastics are recyclable.

    Although there is no 100% efficient recycling process, this innovation, if used widely, can lead to a significant reduction in waste disposal. This new type of "final" plastic is expected to replace the old one in five years, and by 2025 it will appear everywhere in manufactured products.

    4. Genetic engineering in agriculture.

    Increases resistance of plants to pests and insects, reducing the need for pesticides and increasing the sustainability of plants by reducing the need for water and fertilizers.

    5. 3D printing

    Due to the low prices of 3D printers and the large number of patents expiring this year, more and more devices are entering the market. This provides an exciting opportunity for retailers to produce custom products in-store. On the other hand, there is concern that these printers may be used to produce counterfeits. To combat this, retailers must work closely with manufacturers to ensure these opportunities are explored while protecting intellectual property.

    6. Artificial intelligence

    In addition to the new robots, artificial intelligence greatly increases productivity and business ideas. Devices that have quick access to a large data source can respond to situations without causing emotional errors, such as diagnosing illness.

    7. Smart aircraft

    Civilian use of the drone market is booming. Retailers have great potential to make delivery faster and cheaper. We are already indispensable in cinema and agriculture. Therefore, the drone market is expected to reach $ 400 million by 2020.

    8. Nervous technology

    Even today, the most advanced computers cannot overcome the complexity of the human brain. However, as scientists work to create plastic chips that mimic the structure of the brain, the ability of the computer to process information and interact will increase dramatically.

    9. Digital genome

    This ability to open individual genetic promises is revolutionary as it provides more personalized and effective health services. This is because many diseases that we find are caused by a genetic component. For example, a DNA scan can help a doctor determine what tumor cancer treatment is.

    10. Decentralization

    Instead of collecting all the materials needed to make a product in one vast and unique place and then disseminating it to the public, decentralized manufacturing splits the production of different parts of the product in various places. The final product is finally installed near the consumer site, so the vision of many business ideas is realized with the same concept.

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