HOT Tech Business Ideas 2020

HOT Tech Business Ideas 2020

Many are considering starting their own business. It's great to have the freedom to be your own boss, but not everyone knows what they want to be. With the digitization of many industries, emerging tech companies are emerging in the market. Technology has presented an infinite number of potential new business ideas to entrepreneurs. Today, we offer 15 high-tech business ideas for your business.

    Artificial intelligence technology

    Artificial intelligence is one of the most exciting trends in technology so far, as it is highly sought after and creates countless job opportunities. With artificial intelligence, many business processes are no longer dependent on human interaction. If you are looking for a way to use artificial intelligence as a business idea, you may want to develop an artificial intelligence platform. For example, Amnesty International helped various websites and e-commerce companies automate various customer service activities. Artificial intelligence-based chat robots can interact with visitors on a given platform and hopefully become paying customers, which is more efficient than if people were to do it manually.

    3d print

    3D printing is at the forefront of the latest developments in technical devices. 3D printing can be a major revolution in many industries. 3D printing made it possible to create almost anything, like a 3D model. Many industries are no longer limited to machines to produce individual hardware components. 3D printing makes it easy to design and then prints on a perfectly accurate 3D model. According to experts, we still see infinite possibilities in 3D printing. If you want to pioneer an exciting, futuristic tech industry, you might want to focus on 3D - interest is only growing, so maybe you should start your business before it's too late.

    Independent Technology Consultant

    Perhaps you dreamed of the freedom that employers pursue? Well, freelance work is very common in technology. As an independent IT consultant, you will be your own manager and decide to develop the project yourself. The job market in the IT field is huge, depending on your field of expertise, there is a high demand for your skills. Consider an area where you can make changes, become an expert in your field, and win many customers. There are many companies looking for specialized IT knowledge and with the right skills, you can develop a profitable career in this IT industry.

    Sale of domain names

    Buying and selling domain names can be a very good deal. School may seem a little old, but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Many new companies are searching for the correct domain name for their new website. Be proactive and think about the areas you may need in the future and buy them. At some point, a company seems ready to pay for the boycott.

    Cloud storage service

    Remember the days when all documents were stored in one large physical file? Maybe not. Today we keep everything in the cloud in one way or another. By launching a cloud-based storage service, it enables companies to securely store large amounts of data and information in the cloud as it is easily accessible.

    Tech rental

    Digitization has made a lot of things easier, but surprisingly, we still rely on hardware. The increased acquisition of digital solutions increases the demand for technical tools and equipment. But many people only need assets once in a while, which prevents them from investing in them. That is why investing in assets that you lease to those in need can be a profitable business. Maybe the idea is that technology suits you?

    Big Data analysis service

    Big data that prevails in the technology industry is big data. Due to the abundance of data available, it is difficult for many companies to provide a complete overview. Therefore, many companies use analytics services that can clarify the meaning of big data. Many companies have proven to be successful using large amounts of data. It helps create better ads and a better selection of products, and overall contributes to a significant increase in sales data. Based on the idea of ​​helping companies interpret big data, you won't be bored. The big data analytics market is huge and companies are happy to hire you if they provide high quality service.


    Artificial intelligence is already covered, but this is closely related to the robots to which AI is applied. Not surprisingly, robots are more accurate and efficient than humans. Therefore, robots are used to automate many processes in industries. Robots are designed to handle simple and complex tasks. You can be a mechanical engineer and know the basics of building a robot. Regardless of your background, this is a business idea because you probably won't have to wait long to reach your first customer.

    Electronic commerce

    Everything you can buy online: clothing, equipment, bikes, and food. Almost all companies that sell products have an online store. You may have a great product to sell, but you can't open a real business, open an online store! If you have an e-business, you don't have to worry about hiring or buying clients for your business. All you need is a well-functioning online store where people can easily buy the products they need.


    We talk a lot about the impact of digitization on industries; This has also affected the book industry. E-books are becoming increasingly popular around the world as people realize the ease of having their favorite book right on the iPad. Electronic books also brought a smaller revolution in scientific research. Students and researchers now find millions of researchers working online in large databases. You can take advantage of this trend and start focusing on e-book sales. You will probably find many upcoming authors who see a great opportunity to sell books online.

    Technology podcast

    Before television, Netflix and YouTube, radio was the favorite information channel for many years. Despite the large amount of video content present, radio was a true rebirth. With the help of the podcast, companies and influencers have achieved great success in promoting and selling their products. Find your site and start playing the podcast when you talk about your specialty. If you are good and people are fun, you can reach millions of students.

    Internet Marketing Consultant

    Offline companies will have a hard time making money. Internet marketing is one of the easiest ways to reach new customers. Especially since the older generation has a hard time understanding online marketing tools like AdWords, SE Ranking, or MailChimp. If you are an expert in digital marketing, many companies will give you guidance. Think about doing business and become an Internet Marketing Consultant.

    Hardware repair

    As mentioned above, our community depends to some extent on IT. We use tools like never before, and that also means breaking tools more than ever. If you are a computer professional, you may want to start a hardware repair service. This is an industry with great potential.

    WEB design

    Due to the increasing presence of online companies, there is a great demand for web designers. As the name implies, the web designer designs and develops the page. Today's consumers are busy and impatient, so user-friendly design is the key to websites, and that's exactly what the web designer is contributing. Starting a website design business might not be a bad idea.

    APP Developer

    The app market speaks for itself. It is huge and millions of people download and use apps every day. While many apps disappear into the unknown, they happen only once, while one app revolutionizes industries. Take Uber or Snapchat, for example, who built their business entirely on an app platform. If you have a great business idea, consider resizing the app. This is the easiest way to communicate with potential clients.

    Maybe you have the right skills to develop the application? Thousands of companies are looking for an application developer who can create new applications.
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