Downside Of Being A Tech Enthusiast

Being a technology reader is great, but it has effects. First, you continue to spend money on devices that have been notified until the day your credit card company sends a warning to date that you have exceeded the limit. Second, you will lose track. I only have a bag full of cables - now it's hard to remember the equipment that came with it.

Downside Of Being A Tech Enthusiast

But what most of those who show early care, if they really are, face constant pain in the heart, and many do not.

This is often the price that makes it difficult for an early parent. Any mobile phone, especially a smartphone, becomes expensive when it comes to the market. The company and the companies know that there are fraudulent devices that will fall in price even out of ignorance. The accessories are provided at a high retail price with a free and useless gift offer. Even if there is an opponent, they are few.

Although we know that we are sitting ducks, we will be happy to buy materials. A month later, we look like garlic when prices fall sharply.

Nokia is known to reduce prices a few months after its launch, especially for devices that do not work well in the market. Although I bought a lot of devices and almost fell into depression when prices fell in a few months, there was nothing sadder than the lower prices of the Nokia PureView 808. I bought about 40,000 rand, and in a few months, Nokia slowed down. The price is close to half!

Another problem we face is extensions that we may miss. One of my friends, who is also an early founder, gave me inspiration in the showroom when he found out that those who bought the Galaxy Note II closed the free drawer later, when he had to make money on it.

Early traffic pain does not stop with worms, it refers to services such as e-mail, Internet banking or Internet payment services. Most of us involved in such services need to be discussed through all the errors in the system. In many cases, reporting errors is a painful problem because customer service managers often do not know how the service works. The offers for the latest subscribers are the most disturbing. The bank has issued a gift certificate of 1,000 rupees to new subscribers. I got lost because I had already registered. Most services are closed later and you will be notified for a few months to download this data.

Then there are the many social media services you subscribe to and don't reveal that someone is using your friends. This is especially true for messaging applications. I have five or six text messages on my cell phone, with two or three friends each.

One of the most disturbing things about early adopters is responding to the showroom when ordering a new product. "What? 808? All hour? Is that a phone? "Nothing has been launched in India yet," was the answer in at least two programs when I first wanted to buy the phone. The third phase made me wait about 30 minutes because I had to get it from their main office.

This problem has been added to the devices. The first owners need to move a lot to get the equipment. Most of the time, the equipment takes at least two weeks to reach the market. Many store owners haven't even heard of the device. They ask you about the device, ask you about the price and other details, and try to use it. If the phone has a camera, the first thing you need to do is take a picture. Then, click on the image gallery and browse through the photos you've taken - even struggling to get permission.

What is most disturbing is that most tools do not fall out of production; you have a device that can receive updates - or worse, no help. You can also forget about getting spare parts. The service center refused to believe that the pocket camera was only a year old. His response was: "I have never seen this before. It has to be fake. " I had to use his computer to show an example on the company's website. He said, "Oh, that means you bought a better model." All I can do is look at the sheep.
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