5 Must Read Book for any A.I technology enthusiast

Books to help those interested understand artificial intelligence and how our world is changing.

Ask any AI expert and he will tell you that you will change the world. Ask them for details on the road and they can start fighting.

5 Must Read Book for any A.I technology enthusiast

Leading researchers in the region cannot agree on whether smart machines are a threat to humanity or the key to a comfortable future. Is it that robots will steal most of our efforts to create a buffer balance, or will dirty and exciting currents be replaced by new and better ones?

With some of the world's greatest minds struggling with that, right? Do we, other experts, have any hope of understanding our potential for some of the most important technologies that are changing our lives? Here is an interesting list of books on this topic.

The report acknowledges that "one can get lost in the background, crazy speculation and fake AI world", but also promises that these novels "will provide a lot of feedback on this amazing technology".

Nick Bostrom

He tells Big Thoughts: "Nick Bostrom's most sought-after book has become mainstream." In it, Bostrom, an Oxford philosopher, reflects the results of the discovery of Kurzweil's research on increasingly sophisticated construction machinery. While the book offers more targeted questions than clear answers, it will definitely make you think a lot about it.

Our latest invention of James Barrett
Looking for a bad researcher for technology managers like Kurzweil? Then try this dark novel that focuses more on the dangers of AI. "The hardest book on the most important topic of this century and perhaps more than that: the question of whether our species can survive. "I hope it's a science fiction story, but I know it's not." Skype creator Jan Tallinn testified.

Android values
Robots are not only an engineering challenge, but also an ethical one. Is that how we communicate with our robots after they are created? Is that what restrictions we need to set or should we put them in the battle of the robot? If we design our devices to have values, and if so, what values ​​should we use? If the robot is lost and damaged, who is responsible? This selection of texts by leading experts tends to cover these types of unread questions.

John Markov's favorite machine

Under the name, "author and journalist John Markov provides a rich and detailed history of this artificial intelligence field," according to Big Miss. Not all news is good. Markov warns of its immersion in the power and paradox of technology: "The same technologies that expand human educational potential can also take away."

Robot series Isaac Asimov

You may think of science fiction as an intravenous method over time, but some great minds (like Elon Musk) insist that truth is an important way to focus on real-world technology. As well as its social impact. As Big Thought also suggests in this classic series, "Science fiction stories often have a way of not only predicting the future, but also preparing for it."

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