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wapkuy, Nina Responsive Blogger Templatee Beta In terms of features and advantages, the Diana Clone redesign blogger template takes all the best from well-known template features and makes it better. The main difference lies in the design. The Nina Responsive Blogger Template design is made more modern, adjusting to the current design trends.


  • There is an automatic ad slot feature in the middle of the article and below the article to help increase ad CTR
  • Support the Blogger Theme Designer Feature
  • If you don't like the default color of this template, you can change it as desired through the Blogger Theme Designer menu
  • Using Schema Markup
  • Schema Markup to help search engines understand your blog
  • Icon Using SVG
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
  • Auto Readmore
  • Style Color Pink
  • Widget Sticky
  • Widget Related Posts
  • Cool Responsive Sharing Button
  • Numbered Page Navigation
  • Back to Top Button
  • Custom Error page
  • Without Link Credit
  • More...
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