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BSP is a sms sending service helping engage businesses their clientel, updating, informing, campaigning them making it hassle free for use. Stress free Infrastructure less environment with easy to use UI and start using on the go! Website or Mobile your choice!
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branded sms PUNE offer the best sms gateway to send branded sms to all mobile networks in INDIA. no activation charges, free brand registration and many more!

Verified Data

Having trouble finding real verified data to as your target audience? We have customized data with coordinates accuracy to target the right audience use our valued data and reach out more!

Secured Server

Security of your number data is our top priority. SSL Encrypted Server to ensure that all your data and transaction remain secure on our server.

API Integration

API integration facility which allows customers to integrate Branded SMS with existing application to send SMS automatically.

Live Chat Support

Our support team will be at your service 24/7 helping and guiding you via live chat, call or whatsapp.

Instant Activation

Choose any of our package from our user-friendly portal. Pay Online with your Debit/Credit Card get your SMS recharged isntantly!

Free Brand Name Registration

We'll register your brand name for free with all mobile networks in INDIA. No Hidden Charges!

Developers API

Not just an API to send text. A powerful software platform to simplify your development and solve deliverability. Our SMS API is available on all popular languages to connect your mobile, desktop and web apps.

Easy Integration and Plugins available for well-known frameworks

HTTP API to integrate easily with any platform
Quick Integration with SAS3 Radius and DMA SoftLab Radius for Mikrotik.

Instant Activation

Fully automated system integrated with flawless payment gateway. No more waiting for payment processing and activation. Live Chat is always available for Support! Get your SMS-es recharged in just few minutes!

Choose Your Package

It's Activated! Start Sending Sms-es!

Branded SMS INDIA offers free Mobile App for Google Play Store and Apple Store so you can use the same web featuers on the go anytime anywhere! No Hardware Required!

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