[wapkuy] BeDrive - File Sharing and Cloud Storage v2.2.1


wapkuy, Free BeDrive File Sharing and Cloud Storage allows you to create your own fully-featured, self-hosted file sharing and hosting website in minutes without any coding or server management knowledge.

New Features

  • Added new notification system.
  • Added configurable GDPR cookie notice.
  • Added configurable confirmation policies to register page.
  • Single tap on mobile will now either open a folder or show file preview.
  • Set bedrive user email and display name on stripe, so subscriptions can be found more easily.
  • Specific plans can now be hidden from upgrade and pricing pages.
  • Proration amount on subscription changes to more expensive plan on same interval will now be charged immediately instead of next billing cycle on stripe to prevent abuse.
  • Added validation to check whether x-accel or x-sendfile is setup on the server before enabling that setting in BeDrive.
  • Added keybinds for "DELETE" and "ENTER" buttons when at least one file is selected in drive.
  • Slugs will now be generated properly for cyrillic and chinese characters.
  • Improved performance when downloading large files.
  • Account confirmation email can now be resent from login page and admin area.
  • Localization settings page will now show all available timezones.
Bug Fixes
  • Allow user to upload files if they have allowed space set as unlimited.
  • Properly set file mime type when using backblaze storage method.
  • Fixed an issue where files would not delete from trash properly when using backblaze storage method.
  • Moving uploaded file to a folder will no longer incorrectly show double space used.
  • Subscription will now cancel properly on latest version of Stripe API.
  • Fixed an issue where large files would not download on some servers.
  • Fixed an issue where some images on site would be loaded as http when site had ssl enabled.
  • Prevent fails that fail extension validation from uploading.
  • Corrected a few visual issues with dropdowns across the site.
  • Fixed an issue with site logo in shared file page sometimes not showing.
  • Chart legend items will now wrap to new line if there's not enough space.
  • A number of other smaller fixes and improvements.
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