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wapkuy, The New Blog Template Blogger is an incredibly well designed and beautifully created blogspot theme . This theme has an elegant and clean design, with super simple elements. The latest Blogspot theme for blogs is based on the new generation blogger structure, which makes it fast, fully responsive and optimized for SEO . This means that no matter what device your blog visitors are using, you can target any set of audiences using that theme on your blog. This Blogspot free theme supports Google's new update scheme and will not show any errors in its webmaster tool,which helps you get the best possible user experience. Loaded with various options and feature-rich widgets, it allows you to create your desirable blog. Built with a simple appearance, keeping in mind that this excellent theme is perfectly created for All Types of blog.

Features :

  • Seo Ready
  • Ads Ready
  • Magazine
  • Responsive
  • Fast loading
  • Browser compatibility
  • Drop-down menu
  • Adapted from WordPress
  • 3-column footer
  • 1 Right sidebar
  • Ready for social Bookmark
  • Post thumbnails
  • Page navigation menu,
  • etc
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