The 100 Best Tech Business Ideas for 2020

Before we get to our list, let's start with a clear understanding of what can be considered a technical idea. Technology companies offer a wide range of applications and services in a wide range of applications, but are essentially related to the research, development and distribution of technology-based products. These include electronic product manufacturers (like Apple), software development (like Salesforce) and IT services (like Google).

The 100 Best Tech Business Ideas for 2020

The best part of our art idea is that it doesn't require much - it can start small and grow over time. However, you need a certain level of technical knowledge to start a successful business. If none are available, we recommend registering for the programming training program before you begin.

These are some of the best tech business ideas for 2020 and beyond, including tech entrepreneurs themselves.

Like many other professions, he became addicted to the online book. This is good news for many addicts and accountants who feel trapped in an office environment and want personal freedom and the ability to work on their personal time.

    Thanks to accounting software and easy-to-use appointment tools, setting up and managing customer accounts has never been easier.

    List of Top 100 Tech Business Ideas For Tech Professionals & Startups

    Wordpress themes

    Are you a content creator or web designer? If so, creating a WordPress template might be the way for you. You can sell your posts on sites like Envato.

    Once your theme is done, you should still continue to provide support and update to your clients, but you can do so at any time.

    Drone aerial photography

    If you like driving drones, you may want to work as a drone video. You can go to interesting places, meet great people, and ultimately build an investment team that can find you a job in Hollywood.

    Professional drones are expensive, but you can start with a small drone and a GoPro camera.

    Customer Service Owner

    The main feature of the subscription form is its expected nature.

    The more subscribers to your channel, the more you know the amount you hope to achieve each month.

    The world's largest customer service is an oil machine that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Online educational constructor

    Coursera is one of the most popular platforms where people can access a huge number of open Online Training Courses (MOOCs), with over 15 million hungry users. These online courses extend beyond traditional high school curricula.

    If you have a skill that you think may be of interest to people, there is nothing stopping you from trying it. All you do is the camera, the basic capture software, and the editing skills.

    Restaurant business

    These days, creating a restaurant is about finding the right place. You can share any food you want, any customer, anywhere.

    You may want to meet the needs of young professionals who want to organize online activities or who are known as child care service providers - there is nothing stopping you.

    Beer Business

    Recently, small-scale beer production has become a popular and popular leisure opportunity.

    You just have to distinguish yourself more by helping others. But it would be nice to see the final product offered to customers in their favorite bar ...

    Augmented reality

    Augmented reality technology includes augmented reality (VR) technology and virtual reality (VR). Kenny Trinh, publisher of NetBox News, said AR technology has expanded in the coming years.

    "By 2020, we will see more companies use their augmented reality to differentiate themselves from the competition and provide a better customer experience," said Terrain. "In fact, some companies are already doing it."

    Trinh refers to the type of W-in-Box used in an ecological environment, which demonstrates the benefits of its products through AR.

    The 100 Best Tech Business Ideas for 2020


    Robotics is a global term that includes engineering, electronic engineering, information engineering, computer science, and other related disciplines. The purpose of robots is to create a machine that can interact and interact with sensitive inputs. According to Statista, the industry is expected to generate annual revenue of $ 80 billion in 2019 to more than $ 200 billion by 2025.

    Customer experience management

    While CRM can help you manage your customer details, CXM integrates all sales, sales and customer service conversations in unique silos and treats your customers as loyal fans," said Kelly. "Don't hit your customers' heads by repeating or selling promotional offers on existing services / products or cracks and thefts when you buy them.

    Big sales

    Following our list, influencer marketing is an industry provided by social media platforms like Instagram, which includes product support and the deployment of individuals or organizations with a certain level of experience or social impact in your area. While not all are effective, if you have a certain level of unique insight or great appeal, you can start a business by linking it to a brand by collecting social media and following a well-known brand agent.

    On the other hand, you can also start a business based on linking your brand to the right product and mission indicators.

    Automate content

    As content and social media increasingly become an integral part of many business marketing plans, Gleb Mirko, analyst at Fredonia Group Market Research, believes that content automation software is a good opportunity for entrepreneurs. technological.

    Today, companies have accounts on different social media channels like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, all of which require different ways to plan, produce content, manage accounts and analyze content." "There is still no widely used tool to manage, promote and analyze multi-channel social media channels. Marketing specialists need a comprehensive center that can analyze data / capabilities in addition to managing and promoting accounts on different social media channels." It is focused, relevant and effective.

    Artificial intelligence

    The term "artificial intelligence" is used to describe techniques such as machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing. Although artificial intelligence has been a technology for quite some time, its market potential also grows as it becomes more sophisticated.

    According to Statista, the industry grew 154% in 2019 alone, making it a tech startup.

    The 100 Best Tech Business Ideas for 2020


    If you've been interested in updating your content in recent years, you may be familiar with the explosive popularity of the audience. Today, 51% of the United States population is listening to the public, watching the Dale Baldwin rate increase on podcasts for years to come.

    More and more people are consuming media on the go; audiobooks and podcasts are at the forefront of this. Any entrepreneur or business entity that wants the attention of consumers needs to be in their ears, literally.

    Distribution services

    Services like Netflix and Disney + are the most popular when it comes to streaming services, but there are plenty of opportunities to start streaming services for more specific content. For example, you can create a streaming service that allows users to download educational videos designed for children's videos, or a dedicated streaming service. You can also create a live streaming platform (like Twitch) or music (like Spotify).

    The outlook for the flow services industry is very positive. In 2019, the streaming service earned $ 25 billion. By 2025, that number will reach $ 30 billion, according to Statista.

    3D printing

    3D printing is one of the most exciting technologies that came out in 2010, where users can create 3D objects from a computer-generated model. TechLoris CEO Shane Sherman believes that as technology continues to improve, 3D printing will increase in importance in the next decade.

    "There will always be a need for production companies, but just as the appearance of assembly lines has changed production, so does 3D printing," said Sherman. “The ability to produce entire parts in one segment has created great demand, especially in the medical field. "This lawsuit means that 3D printing companies will develop significantly, and if you go to work, this is a solid option for years to come."

    Electronic commerce

    E-commerce is another technology that has been around for a while, but still has growth potential. During the past year, Statista reported e-commerce sales ranging from $ 500 billion to $ 550 billion.

    If you have a unique idea for an eCommerce store, you can start your own business while at home. Don't have a product in mind? Do not worry; Dropshipping, you can start an e-commerce business with products that are not responsible for storage or shipping.

    If you want more market share, you can spend more time developing your trading platform or market. Remember, the space for an e-commerce platform is already dominated by giants like Shopify and Amazon. Therefore, if you want to open your own trading platform, we recommend that you focus on a good market.

    Portable charger

    Mobile devices are with us everywhere now, but depletion of phone batteries is still a very common problem. This will lead to the growth of the mobile charging industry.

    According to data published by BCC Research, the mobile charger market is expected to grow 6.6% during the same period from 2017 to 2022. This increase is due to low battery capacity in many modern phone models.

    According to the author of the report, Muhammad Javed: "The growth of urbanization, the increase in disposable income and the spread of mobile phones are increasing." The penetration of advanced / electronic devices that will drain the battery more quickly will drive the mobile phone charging market in the near future.

    The 100 Best Tech Business Ideas for 2020

    Publishing the ebook

    An electronic book is a book in digital format. If you are a writer, the online book market is growing. Companies create e-books as a way to market their brand, and aspiring textile and story authors publish e-books as a way to reach more customers and increase their readership.

    According to statistics, e-book revenue in 2019 alone will exceed $ 1.3 billion, and by 2024 this number will reach $ 1.6 billion.

    15. Physical conditioning techniques
    This technology has applications in almost all fields, including the fitness industry. We have seen new technologies like FitBit, Peloton and Strava change the way people do, and there is more innovation on the horizon.

    Whether it's creating products like fitness trackers, wireless headsets or multifunction smartwatches, the market is constantly looking for new devices and technologies." The industry is expanding. From fitness products to physically and digitally integrated data and applications. "Combine high-tech equipment with exercise or food, and you're ready for success in 2020 and beyond. 

    Teach online

    Do you know a foreign language? Do you want to build a tree house? Do you cook very good soup? Then you can earn money by sharing your knowledge and experience online. With the help of services like teaching and learning, teachers can now build their lessons online, sell them to students, and teach the entire course online. If you are a good teacher and know how to market your class, you can make a living by teaching other skills online.

    Development of mobile applications

    Every company needs a website. The market trend is that each company will soon need its own mobile application. This provides an exciting opportunity for trained people to develop application software. Successful companies like Braze and Leanplum have built their entire business around application development for others.

    But apps are not just for business. You can also develop game software (like Candy Crush), a utility (like Evernote), a content collector (like Flipboard), and more. There is already an unlimited application. In 2018 alone, 194 billion apps were downloaded, and this number is expected to increase. Even hitting when the iron overheats.

    SEO consultant

    Google remains an integral part of many marketing strategies. It should appear as a higher score when searching for Google business related keywords. This means that they need someone good at SEO to help them. Some companies hire people to do SEO within the company, but many organizations also work with freelancers or third-party organizations to implement their SEO strategies. If you train to improve SEO and adapt to your changing trends, you can start a business that provides SEO services to other organizations.

    Social media advisor

    If you are not an SEO, but you are good at social media, you can work with companies to help them create posts, tweets, followers, comments, clicks and much more that they like as social media agents. In this role, you can consult with companies to help them manage their social profiles, spread the word online, and create their own brand.

    Also, the cost of starting a business to become a social media agent is minimal and can be done from home. Improve your social skills and keep up to date with the latest trends and platforms.

    Record a video of drones

    If you have a drone and you know how to use the camera, you have a market to serve you. Commercial and residential real estate brokers take aerial shots as a way to market their buildings and properties. You can find real estate agents using platforms like Zillow in your area. Then go ahead and provide your service. Drones are also used in agriculture, accidents, and other industries.

    Cybersecurity or IT consulting

    Today's business is at increased risk for cyber attacks and the need for IT consultants. As an IT consultant, you can recommend that companies evaluate their security systems, participate in tests, and protect them from cybercriminals.

    In general, IT consultants help companies install computers and solve common problems.

    The 100 Best Tech Business Ideas for 2020

    Investment funds

    The vast majority of technology entrepreneurs use it to finance projects. If you are interested in technology, but don't have any technical knowledge, you can become a venture capitalist or an angel by raising a little money and starting a business.

    Despite its influence, venture capitalism is not something you can do overnight. Because the entrepreneur requires others to trust you with their money to be capitalists.

    To make a name for yourself, you must start small and invest a lot. Many independent investors joined the Venture Fund for some time before starting and starting their own businesses.

    Startup incubator

    Another way to get involved in the technological world without having much technical experience is to build your own business incubator. The incubator's job is to help entrepreneurs successfully implement their plans. Services provided include management training, office space, and expansion opportunities.

    Of course, you will need some background in action to successfully start babysitting. Creating your own babysitter and attracting developers can also be difficult. Many small incubators start and grow over time as they help many entrepreneurs enter the market.

    Antivirus Developer

    The antivirus developer is interested in creating antivirus software that can help companies protect important data. Antivirus software is created in different programming languages. The general purpose of antivirus software is to detect and remove malware before it affects your computer system. Contact local businesses in your area to find out if this service is required.

    Domain Broker

    Finally, we have had long-term business, but it is still relevant. In addition to selling domain names as shares, being a broker for a domain name as shares. First of all, it takes some money to buy some domain names. You just have to distinguish yourself more by helping others.

    So like most companies on this list, you need to do a job to get started. But everyone needs a domain name, so the market for this service will last forever.

    Business SEO

    Many companies now work online. Companies against this network, and SEO is still an important factor in the rating. SEO experts help companies improve online content and make it easier to search on search engines.

    Digital advertising works

    Both businesses and customers are growing rapidly online. Digital advertising and marketing have been one of the main drivers of recent times. As a company, it provides companies with a platform to target customers online.

    A digital sales agency

    It provides companies with a platform that can meet their digital needs. The Digital Marketing Agency offers all online marketing solutions. The search engine optimization ad includes content management.

    Online dating site

    Providing a better platform is never a good thing, as the Internet wins love. International players are doing well in the growing online dating industry. If you set up a local meeting platform in your area with the same interest, it may appear.

    Working in the manufacture of computer components

    Businesses need computers to manage them. Therefore, making and selling its components is not bad. You can also customize and narrow a specific region to target a specific audience.

    Social media platform

    Mainly dominated by international players. But local social media platforms may not be bad. A website or platform could work better if you can target a specific audience by providing what you need.

    The 100 Best Tech Business Ideas for 2020

    Network design service

    These jobs require some design and coding skills. You can learn skills or hire someone you can work with to design and develop a website. There is still plenty of room for tech design services in the tech industry.

    Software development service

    The software market is aging, but continues to grow. You can work all day or as a freelance developer. It is very helpful to start your own business to provide software development services to clients.

    Mobile application service

    Like apps and websites, app services have been successful. You can develop mobile apps and customer service on how to work. You can also provide development, sales, and after-sales services.

    Tech Shop

    Good retailer if you sell online and offline tech stores. Focus on providing a store. Provide a solution where people can buy any technical item or repair their equipment.

    Online Cafe

    Cyber ​​cafes may not be an impossible idea at the moment, but there are still some who are comfortable using the Internet at the café. It can provide printing services and other technical facilities as a joint venture.

    The 100 Best Tech Business Ideas for 2020

    Application development service

    Mobile apps are now part of every big business. It has become more important for companies. If you know how to develop applications, you can start working as a full-time volunteer or partner.

    Cloud-based services

    Businesses now need backup facilities to actively communicate and participate. Cloud-based services are not bad for businesses and individuals. Businesses are looking for online platforms that offer cloud technology. You can send according to the available space.

    Information technology services

    IT companies need services like repairs and services to protect their infrastructure. You can provide services to these companies in the form of devices such as servers and other facilities.

    Sale of computer equipment

    IT companies need to own their own equipment as well as service them. As a sales representative, you can rent or sell equipment at a low price.

    Smartphone repair

    Everyone has a smartphone, so repair services are needed in the market. You can start providing services to the store right away. You can use the delivery and delivery service for additional deliveries.

    ONLINE School

    Online students are very popular now when students want to collect knowledge on a specific topic online. This saves them time and money. Therefore, you can provide an online educational platform and provide textbooks and video lessons directly to students.

    The electronic library

    As a portal, you can also create a website or platform using a large library. Provides access to your rental books. Digital educational materials appear online in the form of electronic books.

    Online library

    If not an online store, what would be the actual online book store? You can sell e-books and original books from your own platform. You can also get permission to sell books online to other authors.

    Social media consulting

    Businesses often need professional help on how and what to do with social media. Social media consultants help brands create strategies and content for their social platforms.

    Technical writing services

    Tech-related companies describe blogs, articles, and posts on social media. You can start your own online writing service full time or as a freelancer. You can also send your e-books online.

    Technological video channel

    If you like to chat and edit videos, finding a YouTube channel for tech videos is not a bad idea. You can use your own platform on YouTube. This means that you can earn income or get support with other brands online.

    Effects of direct operation

    People now want to communicate directly with the live broadcast. Live streaming is now available via Facebook Live, YouTube, Periscope, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms. You can search here as an effect.

    Live broadcast

    If you know how to do this, why not start your own live streaming service? It will provide customers with services on how to use the live streaming platform and what they use.

    Online video platform

    It is not a bad idea to start your video platform through a website or app. Create a platform where users can share video content and other users can access it.

    Internet technology store

    Due to the increasing demand for digital online products, you can start your own online technology store. You can sell a variety of products and digital devices. Get the right choice of vendors and products on your website, or sell them at other e-commerce stores.

    Sell digital online

    You can only sell multiple digital products online without your website. Register, create your products and start as a seller by uploading your products to your sales list. You can also create your own online store to sell your products.

    Shopping apps

    We will create our own mobile shopping platform as an application. Customers will be able to browse products and shop there. You can use its app to be available only on smartphones.

    Tech blog

    If you don't sell or plan, what would you write about the technology? As a tech blogger, you can start your own tech blog. Choose the topics you choose and earn money with online ads or sponsored content.

    Podcast technology

    Podcasts are basically something about the latest gadgets. If it's not about videos or blogging, start playing podcasts online. You can talk about the latest products and innovations in the tech industry.

    Computer Configuration Service

    You can provide a computer installation service for the long process of computer installation technology. You can charge a small fee to set up your computer and sell different parts.

    Computer education services

    If you know something about computers, teaching computers is not a bad idea. It can offer a variety of courses and workshops, as well as customized courses.

    The 100 Best Tech Business Ideas for 2020

    Internet search service

    Find more information on the Internet about the use of experience for research purposes. You can use different online search tools for different companies. Their data helps companies focus on more specific ideas.

    The online streaming platform

    And in a mini market, there are people who want an audio platform. You can help them on the platform and help them download and share podcast content for future students.

    Music streaming service

    What would be a platform where people can stream any type of music. You need different licenses. You can follow popular broadcasts to repeat their techniques.

    Video content service

    Like the audio streaming service, it can provide video. People often try unique movies and content.

    Rent of technical equipment

    Growing business. Many users cannot purchase devices for specific cases. You can start a rental business so that customers can use it and ship it later.

    The 100 Best Tech Business Ideas for 2020

    Share the economic platform

    The shared economy platform is a platform through which users can share their products. This includes other products or services that are shared with each other. You can create a platform to help them communicate with each other.

    The 100 Best Tech Business Ideas for 2020

    Technical advisor

    If someone knows a lot about technology, you can start business consulting. You can get a technical advisory position. It mainly helps them make technical purchasing decisions and implement programs.

    Remote information technology service

    Home-based businesses that provide visibility for IT purposes. This will help them solve problems and answer questions. It also solves problems related to various IT problems.

    The 100 Best Tech Business Ideas for 2020

    3D printing industry

    3D printing is growing exponentially. If you are an expert in this, start designing smaller pieces or other products. 3D printed products can be sold online and you can even start a small manufacturing process.

    The 100 Best Tech Business Ideas for 2020

    Robotic industry

    Greater is required in this field. You have to know deeply what you have to do. It can manufacture and manufacture spare parts and even provide robotics services.

    The 100 Best Tech Business Ideas for 2020

    UX service

    It is a very important and indispensable part of the platforms. UX primarily provides the service used by website owners and application developers. Also help them with the features to ensure a stable user experience.

    Live chat service

    Live chat is common among companies these days. Many website and app owners now want to communicate with customers instantly in real time for more interaction.

    Chatbot Creator

    Chat software mainly helps clients to chat in real time using artificial intelligence. The chat program communicates with people and can provide services to various companies and clients.

    AI platform

    With a huge growing market for AI and machine learning, you can help companies use AI technology. It is helpful to include them so they can answer questions and do other tasks without any help.

    Web analysis service

    It provides different perspectives for companies and website owners to do their jobs. Collects analytical data and helps improve performance. This includes transferring clients and other online jobs.
    The 100 Best Tech Business Ideas for 2020

    Influential Marketing Platform

    The Influencer Marketing platform is primarily concerned with online marketing. Companies use it to acquire new customers and help them connect with different influencers.

    Refurbished Equipment Shop

    What happens to the sale of used assets after properly examining them? You can renew old models with new and improved parts. It can be sold online and offline at a better price.

    Smartphone accessories industry

    Smartphone accessories are very profitable and productive businesses. You can start with smartphone cases, charging cables, amplifiers, glasses, lenses, and more. You can even make accessories and sell them to others.

    Resell PLR Products

    PLR stands for Private Label Rights. PLR products can be an ebook, video training, software or an app. You can sell them or a writer running a blog can distribute these products for free. Here, you don’t face any copyright problems as the creator provides you the license to resell or take ownership.

    Where to Find PLR Products:

    The 100 Best Tech Business Ideas for 2020

    The best place is IDPLR. They have more than 12,590 products that you can resell legitimately and keep 100% profit.

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