70 Businesses You Can Start While Working Part Time

No matter how much your full-time work reward is, there is something more important than high wages and huge benefits that works alone.

There is no doubt that choosing an entrepreneurial path is more dangerous than being satisfied with a 9-5 job and requires more sacrifice. However, if you take advantage of the lifestyle to be your boss and are in a hurry to earn more money than you can do in your daily job, hard work pays off.

The question I ask myself the most (until now) when I meet and talk to business people is: "How do I know what businesses I need to start a business?" This question is always answered quickly: "How do I get started while working full time?"

70 Businesses You Can Start While Working Part Time

This makes perfect sense. With so many companies already operating in the world, it can be difficult to get the right idea of ​​hanging out.

It is not luxurious for most of us to quit our daily jobs today to continue starting a business without worrying about how to meet our financial obligations without immediate income.

This is why I am a strong advocate of always starting a full-time business so you can test your new product or service, get feedback, validate your business idea, and start earning income before finishing your business.

When I start a new business, I always make sure it matches my core competencies and my passion. How can I be sure I'm going, even when things get in trouble?

With that in mind, this great list has been compiled from the top 65 companies you can work with full-time, and can help give you some starting points for proven business ideas that you can implement while working daily and maintaining your primary source. from income.

70 Businesses You Can Start While Working Part Time

The biggest problem for many is that full-time work makes it very difficult to think about finding an alternative job.

Fortunately, there are many ways to start a business and earn money while living an inclusive and meaningful life. If you play cards right, you can finish your daily work and turn your business into an independent career.

    Obviously, some of these strollers have more profit potential than others, but they all have a relatively low barrier to entry and the flexibility to work with them for a limited time per week. I've also tried to focus on companies that offer them some ingredients online, as it's the best thing I love. Find out what your organization is doing with entrepreneurs who want to start an online business.

    Here are my best jobs to start now while still working full time.

    1. Graphic design.

    While formal training will be very helpful in graphic design, it is relatively easy to learn the basics of graphic design. Adobe Illustrator and sites like Canva and Visme are easier to use, so anyone who likes it pays a little for their creativity and encourages them to take or change photos.

    2. Website design.

    Web designers are incredible assets for tech companies. In web design, master the art of creating a beautiful, value-oriented experience for those who use a website or app. There are always new websites where professional website design is required, and companies like Skillcrush and General Assembly have tried online software that shows they get this race fast.

    3. Web development.

    As a web developer, you can develop incredibly valuable and much-needed skills. Cheap or free online tutorials like Treehouse and Codecademy can help you get up and running in a matter of months. Once you learn HTML, Ruby, Python, Javascript, or CSS, you can start executing stand-alone projects to build your portfolio while taking up your position full time.

    4. Tax preparation.

    It's not the kind of job that covers glory, but someone must make sure that all the numbers accumulate at the end of the year. All businesses and most people need someone with experience in this area to prepare tax returns, especially for small business owners with limited time or resources. The Income Tax School offers training programs that prepare the tax in less than 10 weeks, and when the tax season begins, you can earn an average of $ 229 per refund as an independent tax reporter, says CNBC Reports.

    5. Sales commission

    If you leave people out and want to take a risk, a commission-based independent sales function may be right for you. Many start-ups only look for part-time sales reps or commissions, especially when they are just starting out. You don't sell anything if you give a commission and trade a good chunk of the stock, and you can win a good time if the startup is successful. Check the list of owners and see if the option suits you.

    6. Online courses.

    If you are an expert, you will likely see an audience of people online who want to pay to become experts in your field, just like you. In this post, Lewis Howes shares his strategy for creating and launching successful online courses on this blog.

    70 Businesses You Can Start While Working Part Time

    7. e-books

    Collecting skills and knowledge in a downloadable ebook that adds value to those who want to learn skills, advance their careers, or start their own businesses will lead to strong display of value if you are targeting the right audience. Check out Leslie Samuel's excellent guide to selling e-books online and start developing your strategy.

    8. Instagram Marketing.

    Create the following on your Instagram account and quickly contact you with major brands, equipment companies, and other related companies that sell products or services related to the type of content you share on Instagram. If you have hundreds of thousands of followers, you can easily filter anywhere between $ 500 or $ 5,000 or more. Check out Instagrammer clothing at ThePennyHoarder, which has generated significant revenue from brand sponsorship.

    9. Online training.

    If you have something very skilled and enthusiastic about it, you can transform this winning group into service delivery through individual online training. Regina Anaejionu develops her skills and experience step by step by developing her online training work. Check its content to start a career.

    10. Broadcasting.

    If you can create a regular audience for your podcast on a specific topic, this is a great way to get sponsors. At CreativeLive, I regularly pay between $ 50 and $ 250 (or more, depending on audience size) for each episode of each 30-second ad on related podcasts, such as the Tim Ferriss show, which is currently the number one business podcast. 1. The podcast even helped Tim secure his own television show. Of course, if you already have an online audience, you can click to listen to the regular podcast, but this didn't stop thousands of people from building a successful business out of the podcast. Listen to the incredible episode of The Awesome Millionaire Podcast in an interview with John Lee Dumas on how to make money on the podcast.

    11. Resale from Amazon.

    Anyone can sell merchandise on Amazon, as long as they have their products to sell. If you're the type that gets local garage sales every weekend, there are all kinds of valuable things available that can be sold online. To speed up the Amazon sale game, read this step-by-step guide from the Amazon Clearance Arbitrage page on SideHustleNation, which includes an interview about Travis Scott at StuffParentsLike.com.

    12. Local business consulting.

    If you've developed valuable skill sets or diplomas in your field of work over the years, consider using your skills in your spare time to provide consulting services to local business owners. Whether you are a marketing expert, a fan of business strategy, or a fan of manufacturing, you probably have a local business owner willing to pay you to help you solve a problem in your business. Start with the 18-step checklist to become a local business consultant for Karyn Greenstreet.

    13. Business phone box.

    There is a huge growing market for mobile phone accessories and many manufacturers, the seller sells 6 and sometimes 7 numbers of his mobile business. With the ready solutions available, you can now prepare to join groups that are doing their best to start the phone business. Once started, you can sell bags on Etsy, Amazon Handmade, and Fancy.

    14. Affiliate sales and marketing.

    If you already have a website that generates targeted traffic, commission commission is a great way to generate negative return on content you're already creating. Clickbank, Skimlinks and Rakuten are excellent affiliate marketing tools and networks that can help you earn money based on the content you already produce.

    15. Virtual assistant.

    Do you have a part to maintain your business? If you work in all professions, you should consider working as a virtual assistant. You can find really cool vehicles on Elance or become a Zirtual Assistant. It can be a great way to rub shoulders with some very important people, build a professional network, and be able to work from anywhere.

    70 Businesses You Can Start While Working Part Time

    16. English language instructor.

    Teaching English as a second language is a great way to earn a strong side income, let alone open the door to travel the world if you want. While full accreditation of English as a Second Language (ESL) is recommended, as long as you are a native speaker, there are people in countries like Hong Kong or the United Arab Emirates willing to pay up to $ 25 an hour to teach them English. Skype In fact, Learn4Good and Remote.co assignments often post English teaching assignments, and are often double-checked.

    17. SAT instructor.

    If you are skipping the standard exams and have no trouble getting a SAT, ACT or any other college exam, why not start high school students with you? All parents with financial backgrounds are more than willing to pay $ 100 an hour to the right teacher if that means taking their son or daughter to the college of their choice. Check out this quick checklist to get started on the SAT lessons of working from home mothers. Whitney at Rookiemoms can also share a great story about a stay-at-home mom earning $ 40 an hour to help kids do their homework.

    18. Manager of social networks.

    We are all guilty of spending a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest sometimes, why don't you pay for your work experience? Many companies, especially startups or those working in the retail or travel industries, are heavily present on social media and constantly need people to help build their brands online. You can find these kinds of options on sites like Flexjobs and CareerBuilder.

    19. Google is a specialist in paid advertising.

    If you know one or two things about online payment marketing while familiar with Google, the best way to earn extra revenue is to manage your Google ad campaigns and gradually attract more customers as your consulting business grows.

    20. Blogs.

    Do you think blogging is no longer a valid source of income? Think again Tens of thousands of bloggers have created content on content topics like scrapbooking, home cooking, travel, movies, lifestyle and many other independent publications, thanks to a mix of bloggers, affiliate marketing, sponsorship, sponsorship and other sources. from income. Start with my definitive free guide to starting a blog.

    21. Presentation design consultant.

    Yes, even humble PowerPoint requires outside advice. I know I will enjoy outsourcing the visual design of presentation packages, investor plans, and business meeting presentations. Panda Presentation's Adam Noar provides vivid proof that you can turn your passion for slide shows into a legitimate side effect.

    22. Travel advisor

    If you want to travel and find at random that you are selling airline tickets or browsing Lonely Planet, why not consider yourself a private travel agent? Accompany my friend Mark Marx with what he is doing to build a travel consulting company. Start with oral recommendations from friends who know they can count on you for the cheapest flights, and don't forget to create an account with Plansify to pay for your travel experiences at your leisure.

    70 Businesses You Can Start While Working Part Time

    23- Design Modern Landing Pages

    If you know how to handle words and know how to create beautifully designed and search engine optimized landing pages related to your keywords, why not charge other companies for their services? Even a short landing page is worth hundreds of dollars. Just look at what freelance writer Mike does for inspiration.

    24- Interior design consultant.

    Someone is redesigning their kitchen and they need to know what granite color suits a mahogany floor. This person is often happy to pay you for their advice, especially if you subscribe to sites like Contemporist.

    25. House Jobs

    It's not the exact way to earn great, consistent money this way, but a home session, as it sounds, is a great way to live in exotic locations around the world without paying a single penny of your rent. Did you mention this is a free travel and rental option? Here is a list of four great websites from the legendary Nomadic Matt to help you find a home.

    26. The incubator

    No, childcare is not just for teens and college students. Conversely, if you prefer to call yourself an Au pair, you can earn some good side money for business nights and weekends.

    70 Businesses You Can Start While Working Part Time

    27. Property manager

    Do you know someone to rent to others? They may be able to manage their assets with one hand. If so, you can earn decent money on your site with a little work on your part. From collecting rent checks to handling repairs and improvements, or simply requesting an emergency, a property manager is essential for most real estate investors.

    28. Sell Etsy

    Do you have a talent for making or creating other crafts? From bracelets to phone cases, rings, furniture and more, Etsy is one of the largest independent markets in the world and is perfect for anyone who is creative and ready to sell their handmade creations. Think about these five steps to start a handmade Etsy shop.

    29. eBay sale

    Like Amazon sales, eBay is a place to make money, imagine anything you think of, and have the added thrill of using an auction model sometimes to accomplish more than you expect from a local street show. Recorded on an old baseball card.

    30. Fiverr Gigs

    Fiverr is a great independent place for the first time that doesn't have much experience and wants to create a business group. You will be able to perform simple tasks, from designing the logo to creating animations, or even placing the company logo on your forehead.

    31. College Admissions Essay Writer

    If you write 500 articles on topics like "We got a call at the White House. Write your speech." It seems like your mandatory time is passing, believe me, many parents will pay if they write or edit articles acceptable to their children.

    32. Portrait photographer.

    If you have a camera, starting to take selfies can be a very natural way to earn a secondary income. Start with a free photo shoot for friends and family to create a powerful online wallet, then pay for professional photography and family vacation moments. Check out our chapter on creative selfies at CreativeLive.

    70 Businesses You Can Start While Working Part Time

    33. The Wedding Photographer.

    Wedding photographers carry premium awards - after all, you can capture one of the most important moments in a couple's life. Many professional wedding photographers charge $ 2,500 to $ 10,000 (or more) to photograph wedding parties. The complete wedding photography experience will do everything possible to start your wedding photography business.

    34. Online dating consultant.

    Believe it or not, some people have dating issues, so they can't even contact the online component. If you speak smoothly, why not take advantage of this capability on a paid host? People pay

    35. Write greeting cards.
    Do you love yourself as a poet? You can earn $ 300 for each poem published by this greeting card company.

    36. WordPress site consultant.

    Countless small businesses are starting their online presence using the WordPress hosted website before needing to upgrade to other solutions for a variety of reasons. Many people pay hundreds of dollars to create a person online. If you have the patience to learn how to do it yourself, this is a very valuable skill.

    37. Drive to Uber or Lyft.

    While driving one of two global alternative services to expand on the taxi app, Lyft Uber can be a very profitable way to earn money at night and on weekends, it only works when you want.

    38. Rent your car at RelayRides.

    If you rent a car but hardly use it, you can easily earn money on site by renting it on RelayRides. Before you panic, find out that each car is covered with a million dollar insurance policy, with drivers shortlisting for peace of mind.

    39. The art collector.

    Not to be confused with compactness, it takes a lot of time, patience and passion. If you are interested in fine arts, it is easy to enter the ground floor by visiting the studies department of the local university. Many art students are happy to sell their business in the business, and within a few years they have the opportunity to buy the work for a few hundred dollars in thousands.

    40- Supply of works.

    EatWith is a great way to test the waters, and if you have enough delusion, you can change your late skills full time.

    70 Businesses You Can Start While Working Part Time

    41. Application development.

    Sometimes there seems to be an app for everything. But one way or another, new companies continue to emerge and sell for a lot of money. If you discover a place whose potential is not yet full and can learn coding skills (or meet someone who already owns it), you may turn to something. Just go ahead before checking your application idea.

    42. Online press reporter.

    You don't need to graduate as a journalist these days, and there are a number of news portals that can always help you with a little help getting local coverage. Some, like The Examiner or HuffPost, compensate contributors based on the advertising revenue generated by each article written, a great incentive to provide interesting content.

    43. Patents

    Kia Silver Brook has received over 4,665 US patents in her life (so far). You don't have to invent the wheel to make money with proprietary concepts, just make sure your idea can be done at a reasonable price, or you won't be sued in the future.

    44. Buying and selling domain names.

    The domain name has been in circulation for the past two decades, and despite the big names that have long been sold (Insure.com made $ 16 million in 2009), there are still plenty of other options available at relatively cheap prices. Imagine if you have desirable domain names with innovative contract value for innovative companies.

    45. Run a popup window.

    Although the barriers to entering a retailer can be very high, one way to cut costs and reduce investment time while maintaining your business full time is to create a pop-up store for the weekend. Most of the products sold (cakes, clothing, old baseball cards or something else) remain in your pocket instead of paying for operating costs, such as rent or services. The Shopify guide shows you this store from scratch step by step.

    46. ​​Make your own beer.

    You like beer? Why don't you try doing it yourself? With patience and skill, you can do something that others want to pay to drink. Get an easy to use starter kit for Mr. Online Beer.

    47. Examination and edition of languages.

    As long as the written word remains, there will always be editors. Editing and proofreading freelance not only pays a good price per hour, but also gives you the opportunity to read interesting topics. There are many company publications that need these services on Upwork.

    48- Purchase and updating of used electronics.

    Many leave their wrong laptops, cell phones, or cameras without thinking why they are working. If you have repair skills, consider starting a side project to restore and resell used electronics.

    49- Data analyst

    Is there something for the numbers? Many companies need to hire good people to analyze data. Upwork and Digiserved are just two of the many websites that are great for freelancers who enjoy analytical diversity and are looking for more work.

    50. Buy parts at electronics stores.

    There is a treasure trove of precious items that the world's leading retailers remove. Electronics stores get rid of everything from print cartridges to tablets, and if you can get rid of the trash, you can easily make money.

    51. Writing ads for websites.

    All site owners (including me) add authors and authors to write content like pages, FAQs or blog posts. Hourly wages for junior writers aren't much higher, but with experience and a large portfolio, you can pay more than you pay in your regular job. Choose this free guide to start your freelance writing career.

    52. Distributor of licensed products.

    This doesn't happen overnight, but selling a foreign product with a local license can generate a great return along the way. Invest wisely, sell a product you believe in and earn rewards for years to come.

    53- Complete online surveys.

    It's not very attractive or mentally stimulating, but online surveys pay, believe it or not.

    70 Businesses You Can Start While Working Part Time

    54. Airbnb host.

    Airbnb is not only a great way to earn money renting an extra bed or sofa in the living room, but also a benefit for meeting new people and making new friends.

    55. Physical trainer.

    If you're a fitness fanatic and have the right combination of charisma and business sentiment, working as a part-time personal trainer can be profitable and financially. Once you build your reputation and customer base, it can easily be transformed into a full-time effort. Check out these tips on successful personal training activities for fitness professionals in the US. As well as interviews with various fitness blog owners who work with MonetizePros online fitness blogs.

    56. A yoga or meditation instructor.

    Yoga has become more popular, which means that yoga teachers are more demanding than ever. Practice your emotional and physical balance with others during your free time while helping to balance your bank account.

    57. Launch of the YouTube channel.

    If you can create value-based entertainment video content and increase your subscriber base to a few thousand subscribers, then your video can generate a great return on all the ads in your video. Many YouTube users earn millions every year.

    58. Translator.

    If learning another language is enough for grammar and spelling, translation is a great side feature that you can prepare for yourself and can do remotely. Flexjobs already has hundreds of freelance translation jobs.

    59. The Guides

    Do you live in a destination that travelers visit often? If you want to meet new people from all over the world and love the city you live in, starting a local business offers all these benefits. Take a unique tour of your local tourism business, like Erik de Vantigo. He was still working full-time on the San Francisco Volkswagen Van Tour, then became a sustainable source of full-time income before quitting, and now includes more companies.

    60. Music teacher.

    Are you playing a good tool to teach others? Private musicians charge up to $ 20-100 an hour, and you don't necessarily have to do it yourself.

    61. Photographer.

    If you like photos of smiling families or children laughing when they blow bubbles, consider selling your photos to a photo company like ShutterStock and iStockPhoto. You take possession every time someone declares a photo you send.

    62. The ghost writer.

    Ghostwriting contributes well, and if you have a talent for researching and creating great content on a specific topic, you can quickly build a list of paying customers. Writers like Jeff Hadden created highly profitable jobs for them when they wrote for business leaders and CEOs.

    63. Online subcontracting.

    If you have already established yourself in several independent areas via the Internet, outsourcing your business as another independent employee will go a long way in increasing your customer list and earning potential.

    64. The sound of DJs.

    Take the time to develop the skills you need to make your own music, or to become a mixed pro, and performing at local DJ events can be a much bigger job.

    65. Mobility

    Short trips to the city can not only be time consuming, but also have a serious impact on the environment. The change of scenery is an ecological last mile for novice Dutch contractors like Felyx and Dott. Felyx electric bikes are fully electric and equipped with renewable energy. According to the company, in 2017, its electric bikes covered more than 2.6 million kilometers in the Netherlands and saved more than 170 tons of carbon dioxide. Similarly, Dott, the Amsterdam startup, offers electric bikes and scooters on the sidewalk to help keep the city center free of cars and dirt.

    66. Personal health

    The application of technology to solve health problems is not new, but companies have developed ways to integrate artificial intelligence and ML to drive the process. It offers an online eye exam that starts in Amsterdam, and offers an easy and quick eye exam without visiting an optician. One startup is Sleep.ai that offers Mobile Health solutions to diagnose and monitor sleep problems.

    67. Sustainable life

    Today sustainability is the name of the game. Clocks need to use fewer resources, recycle or develop innovative ways to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. Here are several areas where startups can operate. The Cece project is a Dutch startup that works hard to make sustainable clothing accessible to everyone. The company has a website that collects ethical clothing from sustainable web workshops, making it easy for people to buy sustainable clothing. Krusli is another sustainable business that manages food waste by creating breakfast products from waste streams like beer beans, wheat bran, potato chips, and nuts that can still be used ideally. .

    68. Travel and reservations

    While most of us are aware of the successful launch of Airbnb, many other companies have just started, but they are making waves in the travel and booking industry. Emerging Bidroom is the first service in the world whose commission does not provide hotel income while offering the best hotel rates for frequent travelers. The Amsterdam-based Bohemian Bird is another startup designed to help 100,000 people read the group list.

    69. Electronic commerce

    Not surprisingly, we buy most of the products we order online. Thanks to easily accessible electronic portals and e-commerce, we can buy anything online. Ecommerce is a great place for innovative startups like The Next Closet, which is a used marketplace for designer fashion products that sell at much lower prices. Products can also be sold on the platform

    70. Vegetarian meat

    The sustainable alternative to vegetable meat or traditional meat sources is now in vogue. Many startups are producing meat, and these include meatless alternatives. The emerging Dutch company produces decorative plant products that can be used in many combinations of processed foods. Raw materials are used as raw materials in the production of plant / vegetable foods, free of preservatives, colorants, artificial freezers and flavor enhancers.

    70 Businesses You Can Start While Working Part Time

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